Custom permissions for each sales channel

  • Total control over the sync settings. You can enable or disable the writing back from Sellklever to sales channels.
  • Define the fulfillment locations for each sales channel.
  • Custom pricing for each sales channel.

custom permissions for sales channels

Real-time sync with sales channels

  • Eliminate the errors of overselling.
  • Sellklever smart listing software maintains uniformity across the sales channels. Once sale happens in one sales channel, other channels will be automatically updated with the new inventory levels.

Connect multiple sales channels with ease

No coding is required. Our plug-and-play integrations let you connect with sales channels almost instantly.

Complete listing information at one place

No matter how many sales channels you have, manage everything from one single platform.

  • Know in which sales channels your products are listed.
  • Know where your order coming from.
  • Advanced filters to search your listed products.
  • Quickly update the product details and stock levels.
  • Real-time status updates of listed products- Published, Unpublished, Valid, In progress, and Error.
  • Publish and unpublish products with a single click.

Reports and analytics.

Know your best performing sales channel and products. Detailed insights at your fingertips.

  • Items sold by sales channel.
  • Sales by sales channels.
  • Total revenue by sales channels.
  • Sales generated by the product.

Lighting speed listing

Save Countless hours of time in listing products in every sales channel.

List your products on multiple channels in three simple steps.

Step-1 Bring products in bulk to Sellklever with CSV.
Step-2 Select the products in bulk and select the channel to list.
Step-3 Publish the product.

Yes, It’s that easy with Sellklever’s multi-channel listing software.

Manage multiple selling prices for a single product.

Are you selling the same product at different prices in the same sales channels or in different sales channels?
Its fine Sellklever pricing software allows you to manage and sell the same product with different prices in the same or different sales channels.

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Save time & eliminate errors
  • Save up to 80% of the time on operations and focus on growth.
  • Reduce human errors by 70%.
  • Decrease labor costs by 50%.


Sellklever built on best-in-class technologies, offers you a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. Count on our reliable products and focus on your business growth objectives.

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