Intuitive Dashboard

Overall vital business information at a glance.

  • Performance analytics about Orders, Customers, products, revenue, inventory, shipments, etc.
  • Advanced filters to filter through the sales channels, customers, timeline, products, variants, etc.

Exportable reports

  • Export all reports in CSV files.
  • Email reports with a click.

Inventory reports

Don’t block inventory for sales channels / Customers or avoid overselling/stockouts and maintain a just-in-time inventory with accurate inventory reports.

  • Inventory audit reports.
  • Low stock reports.
  • Inventory based on location.
  • Total inventory on hand.
  • Incoming inventory reports.
  • Inventory summary.

Sales reports

Real-time total sales metrics to understand best performing sales channel, products, customers, and expenses to make data-based smart decisions.

  • Items sold by sales channels.
  • Sales by channels.
  • Total orders by sales channels.
  • Order summary.
  • Sales by product.
  • Invoices summary.
  • Sales by time period.
  • Total orders by customers.
  • Transaction’s history.
  • Billing history.

Shipping Reports

Detailed insights on your shipping operations.

  • Shipments by customers.
  • Shipments by the carrier.
  • Shipments by sales channel.
  • Total Shipment’s summary.
  • Labels summary.
  • Shipment summary.

Advanced reports and insights at your fingertips.

Save time & eliminate errors
  • Save up to 80% of the time on operations and focus on growth.
  • Reduce human errors by 70%.
  • Decrease labor costs by 50%.


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